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    Greetings all, this is where I'm at.

    Morning / Afternoon / Evening all.

    Some may remember me, most will not. I developed epilepsy and one of my last posts about a year was all about it. It’s still been controlling a lot of aspects of my life. But I’m working hard and slowly getting over it. Used a lot of my time to get better at drawing and want to set up a business creating technology that helps people stay say and recover quicker as well as alert friends and family.

    I’m trying to do a lot of the work myself, want to prove to myself this epilepsy doesn’t define my life. Plan on doing media, the fund raising side, but I’m happy to take advice from everywhere. My parents are on holiday and I left my laptop at theirs so I’m stuck with 2 RaspberryPI. I’m trying to get blender and open office on.

    This site has always been a bit of a hide away for me, whenever I need to take a step back I’ll come back here. I’m really pleased with the selection of videos right now. I plan on using 3d for some visuals for promo. Some of the programming for a wrist band when shaken to much alters who ever you’ve linked it to, as a lot of shaking in a short time might suggest a seizure. Also the android stuff for health apps to monitor yourself and let other people know how you are as well as medication levels etc….I’m giving this project my all because I refuse to allow my life to be controlled like this so I’m turning the tables and being the one in control

    My emails

    I don’t really use Facebook, although reluctantly I’ll have to for the promotional side of my products and inform people about the condition rather than just stereotypes.

    I look forward to blogging on here, even if it wont compare to some of you masters

    Kind regards
    - Knotty Boy

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    Hey Knotty boy! Great to see you around! I have been absent myself but I sure missed you all! I look forward to seeing what you come up with!
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    Hey, good to see you (both) back around here!

    Looking forward to seeing updates from the project
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