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    3D BUZZ SUMMER SALE! Don't Miss Out!

    Step Into Summer with 3D Buzz!

    Summer is here, school has been out, but that’s no reason not to keep learning!

    We’re giving you the chance to pick up any of our training right now at a HUGE 60% discount!

    Better yet, you can pick up the new Mobile App Development in Android (intro video) for a whopping 75% off the normal sale price!

    Over 40 hours of training, as well as access to the ENTIRE source code, and the ability to create your own sandbox environment for development!

    But ONLY until JULY 15th. After that, back they go. This will be the biggest sale of the summer months, so grab your learning material now!

    More MMO Content

    Now that Android is under the belt, Nelson is turning attention to the MMO. We have some catching up to do, as well as some things to consider with Unity 5.

    Stay tuned for an announcement on what we have planned next!

    Blender Complete: Chapter 6 and 7

    Blender is coming along nicely with Chapters 6 & 7 nearly complete. 6 will deal with standard material creation, and 7 will deal with Cycles!

    By 7 you’ll have your first photo-real render for your portfolio, as well as materials applied to our chapter 3 Lab!

    Basic Texture Creation in Photoshop

    Next week will see the drop of basic texture creation in Photoshop. This course is particularly geared towards programmers and others who may not have a tablet to work with.

    These textures aren’t just for games (though we’ll cover that too) but also for still image backdrops, add ons, and other renders. It’s a great way for you to start building a library of basic textures and techniques that can be manipulated to meet your needs. You’ll cover many of the most used materials such as stone, wood, water, cardboard, grass and soil, and more.

    We can’t wait for you to see it!

    Click here to go to our sale!

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    3D Buzz has a lot of great free training, and much of it’s paid training is available for download, but not everything! If you want full and immediate access to our current training, then join us as a Member Sponsor today!

    We want to hear from you!

    Do you have any other questions or comments? Feel free to post in the site lounge or email us directly at!

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    wow, great sale. my check came in just in time! woohoo

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    I am not a member sponsor. If I buy blender complete now, with in summer sales... I'll get current videos only, or it will include future videos also?

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    What else can we expect in Blender Complete, in future. (What else will be covered)

    Blender has a lot in it. so...
    For example: what can we expect from below...

    Normal map generation
    Video editing
    2D Motion graphics, Title effects.
    Motion tracking

    Fur, hair, particle system, cloth
    VFX smoke, etc...

    Any Simulations
    Fluid etc stuff

    As it said Blender complete, I just wanted to know, how complete. Sorry if i expected more.

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    Am I to assume that the light chapter will go unfinished?

    great other wise I learned a whole lot!

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