Hey Hi !

I am getting started with C++ and I have always wanted to do these things. But now that I am here, a few of the things that kind of bother me even though I have looked around and found some useful sources to teach me, like a few of them on 3D-Buzz itself.

The things that I wonder about are like how would I get into Large Scale Application Development ? And by Large Scale, I mean softwares like Adobe's & Autodesk's as well Operating System. Now, OS are much complicated; I know, but I want to know about others at least. And also how do I get into Graphics Work ? Open GL is there but that it itself is kind of like Programmable, and how is that made ? I want to know that ! I'm so much intrigued with such/these things.
And also, AI work, in C++.

Now, I have seen Qt & Visual C++, but how can I and is it possible to create my own GUI Toolkit with C++, maybe with console ? Because when we start fresh, all we do is work with Consoles, right ?

But anyways. And oh, yes, I would defintely like to know This One Thing.

What Books would you people suggest for Getting Close to Mastering Programming Languages & Computers ?
Of course C++, but I mean the whole hardware as well as software. It is going to take time and I know that but I can take that, and all of that knowledge too. These things have always been fascinating to me, I don't know why, or maybe I do.

Books from Basics to Master, say a list. Just add in whatever you can. I want to have all those books that can get me each and every or atleast most of the electronics knowledge. Yes ! I have looked for books myself, and I have bought a lot of them and I read them and I still have a lot in mind, and in my Online Cart as well, but I want to make the list a final one, at least for now. Knowledge is not finite, I know that, but I want to buy as many books as possible so that I won't have to look around for a long long long time.

Any suggestions or ideas or comments are welcomed. Rude, yeah but might just hurt me but you can add that even though I don't think anyone will. And yes, helpful ones, Thank You in advance !

Thanks & Regards.