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    Actually I've done these videos more than once, more like 4 times.

    After I replaced the motherboard in my pc, the Unity3d compile would crash 50% of the time. So I reformatted the ssd and started again with a fresh install of Windows 8.1. (There was a bit of time in the middle determining that even though Windows would boot after replacing the motherboard with another brand but same chipset, not everything was working properly even after running Ccleaner.)

    Thing is, it's not just about downloading the code from bitbucket to rebuild the project, there are tons of other things to re-install and reconfigure so I finally faced the fact that I needed to wipe my stuff from bitbucket and start again from chapter 10, first video.

    Along the way it became clear that things change in the year since Nelson did chapter 10. Nuget packages are at different versions now, and some needed to be installed from the command line to get older versions that would work.
    My VM wouldn't fire up either, due to Hyper-V now installing by default and preventing Virtualization being available to my Oracle VirtualBox.

    Overall though, it hasn't been wasted time. My level of understanding is growing each time and each time I seem to be faced with errors I never saw before. Odd isn't it!

    As of this time, I am going through the TeamCity videos again, and am nearly done with chapter 10.... again.

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    I agree, I have learned volumes in Nelson's thoughts on project structure and thinking about how to engineer not just code from what .NET offers in way of predefined project code. And have like you done these sessions many times, I do wish I could see analytics on how many times I have watched each video, though it would make me laugh or cry at my lack of intelligent's in my old age.

    The only thing that drives me crazy is having to spend sometimes weeks trying to solve an issue. So to better understand each video I document each step and any issues that I have in relation to my setup that has been very helpful when I had to restart the projects. But I do wish that Nelson had the time to look at the issues as we run into them and respond, he is very smart and can see what is the best direction in problem solving due to his years of experience.
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