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    Video Resolution & (Paused + Clicking)

    Hi Nelson,

    1. One area I find is really deficient is that the video resolution is difficult to clearly see whats being typed. Its legible, but its not crisp, so often I need to use full screen to not strain to see whats being typed. Is it possible to record in 1080p, or whatever resolution is a notch or two up from where you are currently?

    2. When I have copied something wrong and am trying to compare my code to yours, partly because of #1 above, i try to compare in full-screen, but if i click anywhere (e.g. visual studio on 2nd monitor) while in full-screen and paused, the video pops back to 'normal' size, which is incredibly frustrating. Particularly after spending 2 hours chasing an antlr grammar up and down the file and not understanding the compiler errors, and/or whats different between my code and yours.

    So is it possible to disable the minimize on click, and in the future record higher res videos?

    (attached a snip of the video feed, not sure if it helps see what i'm talking about or not)
    Click image for larger version. 

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