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    Lightbulb Looking for training on using articy:draft SE 2

    I've been looking for some videos that walk through the process of writing a game design using articy:draft SE 2. Since this tool has become available on Steam (for rather cheap), I was expecting there to be an increase in videos on the web which show people using the tool to create their designs. However, this has not yet come about.

    While there are videos that show what icons to click and what the different fields mean, these topical videos don't really help someone bring their game idea into a design. I have watched some of the initial MMO design videos and would hope that a parallel video series be created showing how to translate the PS/sketch designs of those videos into actual usage of articy:draft, showing where and when to use the articy:draft features.

    If there are already videos out there (beside the YouTube channel from Nevigo), please reply here so I can watch them.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I'm not aware of any videos other than the one's you mentioned. I'll look into it. I've Seen Articy but haven't played around with it yet.

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    Hey Aaron,

    Sorry for crashing in. I'm working at Nevigo and you're absolutely right. The videos are made in a "click here and see what happen" way.
    It would be great to have people in the community who create workflow videos and share their knowledge in a twitch stream, a video training or a youtube video.
    Most of the community videos give you a brief overview about the functionality of articy:draft:
    The GUI and first steps... Unfortunately this often means giving inside to a project which should be a good kept secret.
    So it would be awesome, if someone would make a video using articy:draft in several usecases.


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