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    Paint effects 'leaking'

    I'm trying to learn a bit about paint effects and have noticed a slightly problem that I'm not sure how to correct.

    I've created a plane and made it paintable. I've then started to paint on it, so far so good. The problem occurs when I get near the edge of the plane - some of the brush strokes have leaked over the edge and are floating in mid air. How can I stop this and make sure every paint stroke stays on the object?


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    Do you mean the curve that is painted and that the paint effects 'grow' from leak over the edge (this should not happen), or is it just the effects themselves that leak over?

    You can always create geometry at the edges afterwards and set it to Collide and it will hold in the effects
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    In that case any of you are currently considering giving your "Plane" a much-needed, lick of paint I thought you might be interested to learn a bit more about the ombre paint technique.

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