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    Maya BVH export with correct rotation order?


    I'm in the process of making animations for a game engine. Animations for it require a specific rotation order for each bone. I prepared my rig in maya 2015 with the correct rotation order, animated it and now I'm stuck trying to get it into a bvh.

    I tried a bvh exporter script that a friend supplied me with, but it is meant for its own rig.

    I tried motionbuilder 2015:
    The rig and animation transfer from maya to motionbuilder with the correct rotation order. However, when I export the motion file with motionbuilder, it changes the rotation orders and sets all bones to ZXY order, which is incorrect. I don't see a way to disable this behavior.

    Could you point me to any other way to get this animation out of maya into a bvh file preserving the rotation order?
    Thanks in advance.
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