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    Still offer certificate testing for C# courses?

    I joined the 3D Buzz nation about a month ago and it's been awesome so far. One thing I've noticed is that there aren't many live classes happening. I've been going through the C# courses and at the end Buzz and Nelson talk about testing for certificates, my question to that is: Do you need to be enrolled in live courses in order to have access to the tests/certifications that are offered? If anyone has any answers for me and would be willing to message me personally I'd really appreciate it.

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    First of all welcome and good luck with learning C#.

    As for the question, the certification is something that was discontinued. It was something that was halted with the restructuring of the core team because of time + stuff & things.

    The official, at the moment, stance is here. It might change in the future so keep an eye on it or query the team members about it.

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