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    Question Unity UI Trouble creating GameBoardTester


    I'm getting an error that doesn't make sense to me. Unity doesn't like my GameBoardTester code. The error it gives me is that:

    Assets/Code/Test/GameBoardTester.cs(18,17): error CS0029: Cannot implicitly convert type `SymbolDatabase[]' to `SymbolDatabase'

    It gives me the same error for GameOptions. But looking at my code it looks like I have everything typed correctly. Here's what I have:

    private SymbolDatabase _symbolDatabase;
    	private GameOptions _gameOptions;
    	private bool _isPlaying;
    	public void Start()
    		//gives functionality of signleton but allows multiple instances
    		_symbolDatabase = GetComponentsInParent<SymbolDatabase>();
    		_gameOptions = GetComponentsInParent<GameOptions>();
    		GameBoard.TilePlaced += GameBoardOnTilePlaced;
    		GameBoard.TileRejected += GameBoardOnTileRejected;
    		GameBoard.AllTilesMatched += GameBoardOnAllTilesMatched;

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    spelling mistake causing the error:

    _symbolDatabase = GetComponentInParent<SymbolDatabase>();

    instead of
    _symbolDatabase = GetComponentsInParent<SymbolDatabase>();

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