Hello Dear 3dbuzz Team,

Since January I want to finish the second part of UI Programming but I can't. Part1 was quite easy to follow, and once I saw the intro for part2 and the game which have been created. I thought, hey, it will be awasome to do that one also, the game looks really cool. and the Author, damn, he is great.

But, the coding examples is sooo high level of programming of the C#, the Linq stuff I saw first time in my life. And he writes the one line code which does a buch of things, and just for one 30 min video I spent the whole day or two, sometimes I just give up for few days and then I continue it back.
What I want to say, its hard to understand the coding part. The Author uses advanced C#. I dont mind to understand the high lvl of coding and to have the perfect code, but it will be very good if you will add some additional videos in between of that lessons about the code, so we can understand it. Yeah, author explains it roughly, by saying "What is this madness... and then few words on what it does" hell heyah Author,))) what is that madness?)). That's not enough.

Don't think that I'm not thankful, I'm actually very thankful for what you've done and the example game looks quite solid. It's just the code is too good for newbies.

Thank you.