Started playing around with UDK a week back and stumbled on a problem when trying to implement custom function to handle weapon spread.

I've made new file to folder holding all my scripts ( Src/MyMod ) and have gotten quite a bit done. Now when trying to extend Weapon ( /Engine/Classes/Weapon.uc ) and replace the AddSpread function, I get no errors while compiling but the new function doesn't seem to be run.

File Src/MyMod/WeaponCore.uc:
class WeaponCore extends Weapon;
 simulated function rotator AddSpread(rotator BaseAim)
    local vector X, Y, Z;
    local float CurrentSpread, RandY, RandZ;

    //CurrentSpread = Spread[CurrentFireMode]; //Original line
    CurrentSpread = 0; //Added line
    if (CurrentSpread == 0)
        return BaseAim;
        // Add in any spread.
        GetAxes(BaseAim, X, Y, Z);
        RandY = FRand() - 0.5;
        RandZ = Sqrt(0.5 - Square(RandY)) * (FRand() - 0.5);
        return rotator(X + RandY * CurrentSpread * Y + RandZ * CurrentSpread * Z);
I have only replaced 1 line for testing purposes to deny any Spread value from weapon, but it isn't doing anything. Changes done in the original Weapon.uc in the other hand do work, but I really would like to replace the function within my own mod files.