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    Question MMO Development/Buzz Arena Game?


    I recently registered on the forums and started a membership subscription to 3D Buzz after stumbling upon your channel on YouTube, which mentioned an MMO project on the website. I watched the "MMO (re-) Introduction" video and saw the game playing in the bottom left slide and was immediately interested in this class/project. I've watched through some of the videos in the MMO Development Class, and skimmed through a lot of the series, just curious to see if there was any content related to this "game" I saw in the re-introduction video but was hard-pressed to find anything at all. There certainly is a wealth of content available to this class, however not the content I was particularly interested in.

    After some intense Googling, I was able to find these old videos in the Daily Drop MMO TEST VIDEO 012414

    • MMO Test 01/24/14
    • MMO Test 01 31 14

    I'm wondering what the status of this project is and if there is anyone actively working on the game? Will the MMO Development Class eventually show some of the development/content of this game that was play-tested in the above videos? Lastly, will there be any future community testing events for this game and is it possible to participate in the testing or in the development of this MMO?

    TL;DR - I watched some videos & am extremely interested in the Buzz MMO/MOBA Game. Is it in any form of active development? Will the MMO Development Class get to review its development? Will we have more community testing events and is the project open for people to participate in its development?

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    I was wondering the same thing

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