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    Model Deformities

    For some reason, when we import two character models into unity, upon playing the animations, they deform in strange ways.
    What strikes me as odd, is that they were made and animated in different places by different people, but on both models, the neck deforms, and the eyes refuse to stay in their head.

    This is the horse. He was bought from turbo squid. Made and animated in blender.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	horse deformities.png 
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ID:	74289

    This is the hyena. He was created in 3Dmax, and animated in cinema4D.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	hyena deformities.png 
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Size:	244.4 KB 
ID:	74290

    Does anyone have any ideas why they are doing this, and how to stop it?

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    Maybe the original rigs relied on a constraint method that isn't supported in Unity or by your import format.

    What format did the original files come in and how are you importing them into Unity?
    Is it just in Unity that things are off or in other DCC tools too?
    There is an exception to every rule, apart from this one.

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    They are both imported in the fbx format.
    I'm not sure about the horse, but I know the hyena behaves the way it should in both Max and C4D, and the problem does not appear until it is in unity. I can check on the horse and update though.

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    See and There are steps/limitations talked about in the posted links.
    faux is, i think, right about the limitations.
    Hope they solve your issues.

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    Just an update, the horse does look perfectly normal in blender, so we think it might also be an issue with the export method?

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