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    Question Player flip error ?? HELP please!!

    Forgive me if I am just being stupid, but I am following along to the 2D Platformer series, and as far as I am aware have followed everything to the tee. It seems though on using the A & D keys the character does flip, but not as expected rather than staying on the same spot and flipping, it seems to flip furthest to the left or furthest to the right which of course looks dumb.

    Now I have all the pivot points on the sprite sheet set to center as Nelson did through the videos, so I don't understand why it has this behaviour, yet if I change the pivot points to the left center, it flips the character in the correct way ?? Any thoughts on what I may of broke haha

    Thanks in advance


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    So i had this same thing happen, what i did to fix it was to go into the sprite for the body and reset its x/y position to 0,0

    then i moved the parts around the new body location. that fixed it for me.

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