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    New Guy In Town: Whats the difference between these courses?

    I just stumbled onto this beautiful looking site. I'm hoping to get much use out of it.

    When looking at C# tutorials I came across C# 101 - Spring 2012 and C# 101 - Spring 2013. What are the main differences between them other then you pay for one and the other is free?

    Are the 2012's still easy to follow with Visual Studio 2013?
    I believe the 2013 removed SQL features making it difficult to follow a book I was reading in some places.

    If there was a post on this or a page about it I have missed, I would appreciate a link.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Both of them cover the same topic but with a different way of explanation. The first week from the 2012 is free to download (if you don't find it, I might look for it later ) so you can compare both of them.
    I think that the 2012 is a bit longer since they were more relaxed and captured a bigger part of the student-teacher interaction. Also the assembly of teachers for that series might have changed.

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    I personally found the 2012 C# 101 to be more informative and in depth, came away feeling more prepared for C# 102 after watching the 2012 than the 2013.

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