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    ALLLELUIA FINALLY AND all that jazz

    Finally some one with a brain and not ignorant snob thanks that's all i asked and wanted to know

    if its possible or not. if it is how to do it if not what other way around it is it

    Thanks for answering regarding 1 i bought it some months ago but was distracted by other stuff and didnt use it only know i noticed it has some bugs with saving loading etc Thanks again i think il go on the WPF route and try reinventing the wheel

    Regarding the previous post i normally dont do stuff like that and ignore idiots like him but as every one i do have a boiling point and it went over it.

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    resorting to profanity because you can't comprehend what advice is being given to you shows your level of professionalism ... please continue to post your mad rants.

    I've told you all you needed to know, you lack the skills to use the information your being given, and no i have no desire to help someone so ignorant.
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    Boy oh boy... This was entertaining to read.

    Sorry. just had to post that :P

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