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    Cutout Transparency not working for Vertex Lit Detail Meshes

    I bought a pack of corrals from the unity asset store for underwater reef building. Some of these are several flat planes combined to make a taller corral, while others are just one flat plane to make a fan corral. This, however, requires transparency of the alpha part of the texture.

    All the textures are marked as "alpha is transparency" (though I have tried them without that marked and it gives no change).
    All the materials are set as transparent cutouts.
    Therefore, I have no idea why they appear as solid textures when I place them via the detail mesh>vertex lit option.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Corral Error 1.png 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Corral Error 2.png 
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    They DO become transparent when I set them as Detail Mesh> grass, however then they move, and as corrals, they need to be stationary.

    They can be placed as grass textures as well, but once again, they need to not move.

    I have also placed them as trees, and that also shows the transparency needed, but they all face the same direction and look extremely mechanical and fake. There is no way to rotate trees as you probably know because it freaks out the bilboarding. So this option is not a good one for me either (though may be a last resort if I cant get this fixed).

    I could place them by hand, but that would take an enormous ammount of time and effort because the reef system is half of the game, and I would end up placing literally millions of them. It's not really an option.

    Sooo that leaves me with only one option; to make the transparency show when being placed as a detail mesh. Any ideas on how to fix this one guys?

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    It's been a couple days so I'll bump this again I suppose.

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