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    Elythian portal concepts.

    So here are two concepts on how the Elythians transported the silicon life off of earth.

    One is a really rough sketch of how the device might work, and the other is a concept of what the transport would look like from earth (you would just see the portal in the sky and the lifting beam thing.)
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    Well it is a cool looking image, I can say that. But I am not really sure what is happening in it from looking at it. Are you saying that there could be a floating structure that is used to open the portal, or wormhole, to Elythia? Are you envisioning that there is a beam that is forcing stuff up to the portal from the ground, or is it pulling them up from the structure like a tractor beam?

    Why does the structure need to be in the air? It looks cool, sure, but is there any other reason?

    Is the portal open all the time, or do they just open it when they want to send the crystals back?

    Is that the same way that the Elythians themselves go back?

    What is happening on the other side? Is there one of those flying structures on Elythia, from which they return at? If so, is there a beam that drops things down?

    Are there Elythians inside the floating structure? If so, are they just there to run it, or do they maybe also live there?

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    Really nice! Can imagine this to look exciting in game!

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    Sorry for taking so long to respond to this thread.

    @wolf I'll do a more detailed concept at some point to make the concept more clear. Long story short though, the thing you see floating in the image is actually inside an elythian building. The portal is generated inside a building then the laser vacuume thing sucks up the collected silicon life forms. The structure only appears to float because only that one part is stuck through the portal.

    @duifkoe Thanks! I wanted to come up with a really wild idea for how the elythians transported stuff, and then I started thinking with portals lol.

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    looks great!!! I generally like the "weather effects" mixture.

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    Looks great ! Can imagine this to look exciting in game!

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