Hello all,

It's my first time using these forums, so please correct me if I'm putting this question in the wrong place.

I believe all I'm looking for is the bind pose matrix for each individual bone in my armature. There are a few options in the blender data structure, but none seem to be doing the trick. I'm a little fuzzy on the math in this area, and the exact nature of each of these different options, and I'm sure that's not helping me in my search.

It seems also, that in multiple internet searches, many people are having the same problem, without much success.

I believe the matrix in question I'm looking for is 4x4, and should be connected to the bone data in the armature. I've tried exporting the following without identifiable results-


and in the posebone

My animation works well in Blender, but nothing I export to webGL remotely resembles anything recognizable. If it helps, I'll post some pictures.

It's possible I'm hitting an error in some other part of the export, but as I don't understand this binding pose element, my gut tells me the problem is here. Any help or insight would be appreciated.