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    Talking Alwact Clock Star Wars Skins Twin Pack

    Alwact Clock Star Wars Skins Twin Pack Version 1.0

    For use with the free Alwact skinnable clock by Firaz Samet. You can get the nice program in here:

    Note: It is important that you read the included document titled About This Skins Set (Warning Read!) Ver1-0.pdf because if you use these skins properly the program works like a charm but you need to know more info about how your performance could be affected if you use the high res versions of the skins with some older CPUs. If you follow the guidelines the program works very well and it is very cool.

    These two additional Star Wars skins for the Alwact clock were created after the original two Skins Mega Packs of 36 skins each (Volume I and II) because I wanted to finish my R2-D2 Blender model conversion and my Dejarik Holochess table 3D model first so that after I had those models ready for placing at Deviantart for downloading then I could use them for the creation of these other two skins.

    I had the ideas for these skins long before I finished the two original large skin packs and they would have been in those packs cause I wanted to do them pretty badly but I was going to use the 3D models from the conversion of Jason McMains R2-D2 3D model and my own created Dejarik table 3D model so I decided to wait until those models were ready to then create the skins cause with the 3D models I could control the generated image better and make the skins as I wanted them to look. That is why these 2 other Star Wars themed skins are available as a separate download.

    The Jedi Training Remote that appears in the Dejarik Holo Clock skin is of course my own old Jedi Training Remote Blender 3D model. It was post processed and “dirtied” - and the table was dirtied a little too in Photoshop (though less than the Jedi Remote).

    If you like them remember that there are a few other Star Wars Alwact skins in the Volume 2 of the Alwact Skins Mega Packs right there in my gallery at Deviantart also.

    You can download them at my place in Deviantart:

    Or from my usual Mediafire Backup folder: (look for them in the Mods folder)
    Click image for larger version. 

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