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    Question Houdini technical rigging still relevant ?

    Hi all,
    I am a grad student and the course that I am taking requires me to "Script a rig for a quadruped". So I have 4 months for that and I need to decide whether I will use Maya or Houdini. I have used Maya for an year and Houdini for 2 months. I LOVE Houdini much more since I come from CS background. I know that the Technical rigging DVD was released in 2008 and I AM NOT SURE IF SCRIPTING A RIG in Houdini has any value in the industry!(I dont know if the Studios even use Houdini for rigging)
    All my classmates are using Maya. So is it worth being a non-conformist and rig the Houdini way?

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    Sure it is.

    With recent Softimage demise we get some love from Softimage users that want to jump off from Autodesk ship and Softimage is(was) "THE" animation tool, so you can expect that some things may change in Houdini 14 or so, but till then it's perfectly relevant.
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