I am new to that forum and i am in need of some expert help.
The story:
I have record with faceshift about 100 different entries, i have the fbx files with the morpher and the animation on it but i can t connect them to my model automatically. The reason is that the connection as far as i manage to search needs to be handmade, one to one, the channels from one morpher to the other model.
As long as it was my first time doing that job, i didn't think about naming my channels according to faceshift and now i got 100 different heads with morpher modifier and with 24 channels each to be connected.
I try to copy and paste the keys from all morphers into one, on a head model and then connect just the 24 channels...
I have tried, i think, all the scripts i found to copy-paste morpher keys but it only copy the keys of 1 morpher and erases the existing keys...
Anyone, ANY idea?

PS i am attaching a max file with my character and the heads of the faceshift with the morphers.

the goal is to transfer the animation of the heads to the character with some automated was or semi-automated or anything easier than copy-pasting channel by channel... i am despeard!