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    .3DS file with reference planes

    Hi guys. Can one of you lovely lovely people help me by emailing me a 3DS Max scene file for a car tutorial with the reference planes already setup, cos they are the bits i can never get totally right. Even a link to a downloadable file would be really great. Thanks guys.

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    In my opinion, just giving you the answer isn't going to help you learn. What will you do the next time you need image planes set up??

    If you watch the alien VTM's there is a lot of detail in setting up the images in Photoshop, what catches to look out for, centering them and exporting them.

    Then they go into a brief piece about laying the image planes out.

    Until you physically go through these steps you won't be learning - and if you try and fail, then post here with some screenshots of where you are stuck and we will help. But let's meet us half way with an attemp/explanation of where you get stuck.
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    3D Total have a .Max file with the blueprints set up and ready to go. It's in one of the car tutorials, not exactly sure which one, so just head over there and download it.

    Learning how to do it yourself is definately worth doing. Hopefully creating a car will give yourself some motivation to do it later.

    Good luck!
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