I was wondering if anyone has ever run into problems with rendering with FumeFX after upgrading from 3ds Max 2013 to 2014? I'm trying to use FumeFX 3.5.3

For any of my scenes originally created in Max 13, the fume appears in the simulation preview window, but fails to appear in the renders. My new scenes that were created in Max 14 have no issue rendering with fume.

At one point it started rendering Fume, but then stopped and I’m not sure what changed in those instances. It also briefly worked when I changed to another saved render preset I have, but eventually stopped working again.

Whether or not the fume renders seems to have become quite random. One scene I tested on backburner had PCs rendering some frames with fume and some not at all and others would render fume for one frame but not another.
The same happens with anything I render locally on my workstation PC.

I’ve also installed Service Pack 3 for Max 14, but it made no difference.

Thanks for any advice anyone can give!