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    Unhappy Help with Character

    Hi All,

    I've modelled an eel like space character and want to have the ability to rig the antenna so that it is connected to the armour area but can flow behind it as i animate the enemy through the scene.

    I don't want the antenna to break away from the shell but i do wish for it to bend in all axis and even stretch potentially. The aim is to have a free flowing motion to the antenna.

    I've attached an image of the character to give you all a better idea of what i'm talking about.
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    I understand that i could use a biped bone structure but i was wondering if there was an easier helper based rig concept that i could use.

    Any help with the best way to rig it would be appreciated.


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    I would just use the bones instead of the biped because the biped are made for example human characters, monsters stuff like that! from the image we cannot see the whole image!!!!

    why not use the link parent to child method? that is where you select the Parent then link it to the child says the green part is the parent and the checked thing is the child! first select the parent (green) use the select and link hold that down with you're mouse button you will get a drag-able line and now link the child that will link the two things together!

    and if the child want to move interdependently from the child it can!
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    Thanks for the reply. That's what I finally ended up going with. I created a bone structure for the antenna and then linked it to the base model so they could move with the model and independently when required.

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    Well you really don't want to use bones control over an object that is softbody in nature.

    Try this instead.

    Create a cylinder X units in size, say the same size as your antenna, and convert it to polygons and animate it moving back and forth a few times.

    Now select the bottom row of verticies and turn on soft selection and set to a desired level.

    Place a flex modifier on the stack.

    Play back the animation and watch what happens.

    To get a more real flow dynamics going, as in moving through space, a rigged based cloth simulation with a very low gravity setting would work as well.

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    Thanks Frankie, I would agree and had looked at the flex modifier for it but choose not to use it as i was creating a sprite sheet which meant i was moving the main character from side to side.

    However I may look at using a helper which manages the skinned(cyclinder) antenna using a flex modifier now to give it a little more flow.

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