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    Cool HeartLands are looking for UDK programmers! A new RTS/MOBA

    Hello everyone!

    We are working on a RTS/MOBA game called HeartLands.

    We are currently looking for one or two programmers that can help us making our first prototype. You can read the specifications and apply here:

    You can also find us on Facebook:

    Thanks in advance!

    Programmer 1:
    Strong emphasis in the fundamentals of 3D game design and development
    Prior knowledge and usage of 3D math
    Experience with the Unreal 3 Engine
    Strong UnrealScript/Java skills
    Strong Debugging skills

    Programmer 2:
    Experience with the Kismet language
    Experience with ActionScript (preferably with Unreal Engine)
    Knowledge of the particle system
    Knowledge of the animation pipeline and marquee
    Here's the game's pitch:

    Bringing a fresh new approach to the online RTS genre!

    What if League of Legends, Pikmin and Super Smash Bros. had a baby?

    HeartLands is an online multiplayer, real time and battle strategy game combining the best aspects of League of Legends, Pikmin and Super Smash Bros. In HeartLands where two competing teams are placed on immersive and ever-changing worlds, each with the goal of exploring and conquering these lands in search of the mysterious substance known as Venarth.

    Unlike many entries into the RTS/MOBA genre, HeartLands is a cut different right from the beginning. Players assume the roles of Seekers or Reapers, each with an entirely unique style of gameplay. The premise of HeartLands is just about as primal as it gets—Hunters and Gatherers.

    In two competing teams, players take on the role of Seekers or Reapers in an immersive region. The goal? Explore the world, meet the natives, and collect a mysterious substance known as Venarth.

    Play from two different philosophies: the Seekers and the Reapers. The two teams provide their own unique style of gameplay.
    Maps are imaginative and immersive, each with their own native populous, culture, creatures, environments and story based events, all of which are crucial elements that play themselves out in minute-to-minute gameplay.

    Beautiful visual aesthetics, inspired by Nintendo games such as Pikmin, Zelda and Super Smash Bros. We want you to feel part of a living and breathing world!

    Unique and fluid combat that relies more on skill rather than stat numbers.
    An epic story which ties in all present and future characters to the world as well as to each other. The story allows for infinite possibilities.

    Wide range of future maps, game types, characters, and more.
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    I personally am not a fan of MOBA games, especially free to play MOBA games. But I have a large amount of respect for every type of (reasonable) art out there.

    Anyway, I'd love to join the team, very much so. I haven't got good enough skills to be able to do anything meaningful though and as I'm assuming this is a paid position there's no way I'd put myself forward at this time in my skill.

    I'm mainly replying to maybe prompt some other people to post.

    What you could do is put together a test of sorts where you have a task that anyone can do and submit their result. Unknown Worlds has one where you have to design an interface of sorts using javascript. They use Lua as their main programming language.

    Good luck finding a programmer, if you're still looking in a year (definitely hope that isn't the case), or looking for more. I might (probably not) be good enough by then.
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