Hey guys,

For the past 6 months I've been learning C# and MVC and I'm getting to having a viable Beta version out. I'm having a trouble wrapping my head around how to do one part though...

The game is like one of those browser based resource management/strategy games and everything is based off of a Queue more or less. For example - you click build Bomber/Fighter and it will be put into a Queue and once the "completion time" for that queue item is reached it will be processed and you will have a fighter/bomber in your fleet.

Currently I have it so that whenever a post back is made to the server it will check the Queue table (a SQL table) and process all queue items waiting to be processed. This poses multiple issues as I am sure you can find out yourself (irregular Queue processing and clients have to wait for Queue to be processed before they get their page back).

What I'm trying to figure out is how can I have the Queue be processed every 1-5 second or so? I was thinking that perhaps I will need to make a separate Windows Service that checks/processes the Queue. The only problem with a seperate app is that its more to maintain as the game is formed and I want to be able to trigger things like SignalR client notifications when something is done building.

Anyone have any ideas on this or can provide me with some direction?