Hey all!

As the title suggest I need to find out how to make certain sounds decrease in volume when a specific sound is played. I know that this can be done through Kismet, but, as I understand it Kismet can only trigger SoundModes through triggerEvents, so this is really good when you need this done on a cinematic sequence. But, on the project that me and my team are working on, this needs to be done in gameplay. There´s an Announcer voice that´s allways giving you, the player, feedback on whats going on so it is imperative that you hear these things through all the music and sfx already playing.

I understand that you can do this effect by scripting, but I'm no real programmer.... yet so it´s nothing I can figure out on myself, and the other programmers in my team have other things to think about.

I believe that this particular effect must be a somewhat standard way to highlight different sounds so it must therefore be several different ways to do this.

Any response, preferably helping ones, is really appreciated

Oh, I´m not working in Fmod or Wwise or any other Audio middle ware.