It's been what seems like forever since I posted anything - or for that matter did anything - related to 3D or 3DBuzz. Life happened. But, happier times arrived once more, and I am ready, able and very eager to jump back on the ship.

I did the first 2 projects in 3ds Max Fundamentals back when the course was released (well, actually more like 1.5 projects), but I would like to revisit the course. The question is - what is the current state of modeling and animating techniques? I understand that the interface of the 3ds Max has changed since 2009 (which is the version I have), but what about the actual techniques and pipeline?

I can't upgrade my software, but at the same time, I'd like to follow the best current practices, whenever possible. So is the Fundamentals course still current when it comes to general techniques used in today's modeling and animation, or does the new 3ds Max software provides features that make some of the older techniques obsolete?