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    Milestone 1: Let's lock it in at the highest level

    Hello, there has been talk about splitting this project up into 3 milestones. At a really rough guess, I would say 1 year per milestone, but really that time will never be locked in.

    What I do want to talk about here is us locking in the absolute high level goals of milestone 1.

    At it's core, here is what I think it will be, if we all agree(or all of us within margin) we'll lock it into the official documentation roadmap.

    Online Multiplayer - networked, essentially real time.
    Single level file per experience - As opposed to travelling across a huge world through multiple zones.
    Player Versus Player combat - Players deal damage to each other as a fundamental way of winning.
    Victory condition is met by crippling your oponent via means of inflicting damage - No negotiations for a peaceful resolution.
    Not first person player perspective - Camera outside the camera, rather than being first person.

    I don't want to lock down the exact specifics, I just want to make clear a certain direction we're going down asap. I don't think it necessary we have the entire game designed before implementing features. These core high level goals are not tangible to implement, but will allow us to get to tangible features.

    What other core goals do we have for milestone 1 to be? Should some of my listed ones be removed or altered? I look forward to the discussion.
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    1st rule about software development, never lock yourself into a time frame this early in development, its bound to change

    BTW i was thinking closer to 2 years for M1

    Locking in goals is a must in my opinion.

    I think you could break them down a bit more to form what i would call Epic's, very high level features that need to be broken down more before development.

    for example
    Online Mulitplayer.
    - Multiplayer chat system
    - Match maker system
    - Player vs player interaction over a network.

    but at a very high level i think i agree. They are at least the discussion points

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    My rough plan is to write the GDD to reflect the first milestone, and develop on that basis. The design will reflect future plans and leave stubs where further development will slot in.

    I think you could break them down a bit more to form what i would call Epic's, very high level features that need to be broken down more before development.
    I think that would be referred to as a feature list.

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    We can all agree, it will take time. The point we must focus on are small steps. I like the amount of work set out so far, once we get more art up I feel we will get more help as well.

    Keep up the good work, one step, two ..then a million.. we can do this.

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