Hi guys

I recently just received the Mastering Maya: Developing Rigging System with Maya training DVD, really enjoying it too!

i have been following up to about video 9 when i encountered what seems to be a compatiblity issue with the current version i'm using to the one that is being used in the Dvd.

i have noticed a few people has had this issue so i know the code and syntax spelling is correct. also unable to find if it had been properly resolved?

i am running Maya 2013
Dvd 9 of the 1st DVD
at 44:37


textColumn = cmds.columnLayout(columnAlign="center")
cmds.text(align="center", width=self.scrollWidth - buttonSize - 16, label=title)


# RuntimeError: Value is out of range: -20 #

if someone could get back to me, it would be much appreciated.
would like to continue on soon as possible