So, this is kind of a weird question, so I'll try and phrase it as best as I can.

I've just worked through the Modern HTML/CSS Class (fantastic, by the way, very fun and informative), and I'll certainly be working through the Javascript one soon (which I'm assuming goes through adding functionality to the Todo Application example from the HTML/CSS class), but it's left me wondering, well, how the heck do I practice this skill?

One option is obvious, which is designing your own website and implementing it, which sounds all well and good, but I'm not what they call an "Idea's Guy", for the most part. I'm happy to give input, but when actually creating stuff, I sort of hit a wall. So, is there any sort of place that allows me to download say, basic plans from beginner web designers, and develop them? Or should I find a website, and without looking at the Development tools, try to copy their layout/functionality (purely for practice reasons, I'm sure you don't ever posts your tracing when you're practicing drawing, for example)?

Just some place that's helpful to get me confident at the actual development of a website/allows me to build a portfolio.

Thanks for reading, I hope I've been clear!