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Thread: I stink at math

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    I stink at math

    Ok i am playing ultima online again, and when i play games i like to write tools for them,
    from time to time, UO has a very large map, and info on how its structured is here

    So, i read the clients memory, in a location i took time to find, and where your player stands,
    the game returns tile coords, such as 2136.2085 which is the in game tile location of
    my house on atlantic.

    In the game, you can use a sextant, it displays a kind of latitude longitude, in a messed up way.
    if i stand in the same spot in my house i got the above coords from, the sextant reads
    40o 31' S 57o 9' E or 44 degrees 31 minutes north and 57 degrees 9 minutes east.

    So, now i need to convert from the tile coords of 2136.2085 to the sextant coords of 40o 31' S 57o 9' E.

    The page kind of explains how to do this,
    but it speaks of normalizing the output, and if you read it states the formulas he gives examples of
    will cause the final calculation to be off by a degree and or a minute, or within a tile, which is exactly
    what happens, so my question is, how would i normalize the output for a more accurate end result ?

    Here is some VERY sloppy and slow code, this is not the way i should do this, but for me learning how to get
    the formula correct, this does suffice.

    public string ConvertToSextantString(int x, int y)
                // Center of map for fel and tram
                double centerY = 1624;
                double centerX = 1323;
                double mapY = 4096;
                double mapX = 5120;
                // Work with Y first
                // Turn x into a double
                string xDouble = string.Format(".{0}", x);
                string yDouble = string.Format(".{0}", y);
                double minsX = double.Parse(xDouble) * 60;
                double minsY = double.Parse(yDouble) * 60;
                double degreeY = ((y - centerY) * 360 / mapY);
                double degreeX = ((x - centerX) * 360 / mapX);
                // Returns 40.25390625o - 57.1640625'
                string Y = degreeY.ToString();
                string[] Ycoords = Y.Split('.');
                string X = degreeX.ToString();
                string[] Xcoords = X.Split('.');
                // Like the guys webpage says, the second portion of this double value on each coord, needs to be multiplied by 60
                // Pos S neg N
                double Ymins = double.Parse(string.Format(".{0}",Ycoords[1].ToString())) *60;
                // Pos E Neg W
                double Xmins = double.Parse(string.Format(".{0}",Xcoords[1].ToString())) *60;
                // If the Degree Output for Y is a positive number for N/S then its a South Degree, if its negative its a north
                // If the Degree Output for X is a positive number for W/E then its a East Degree if negative its west
                string NS = string.Empty;
                string EW = string.Empty;
                if (int.Parse(Ycoords[0]) < 0) { NS = "N"; }
                else { NS = "S"; }
                if (int.Parse(Xcoords[0]) < 0) { EW = "W"; }
                else { EW = "E"; }
                // Remove the - in front of any negative number
                if (Ycoords[0].StartsWith("-")) { Ycoords[0] = Ycoords[0].Substring(1); }
                if (Xcoords[0].StartsWith("-")) { Xcoords[0] = Xcoords[0].Substring(1); }
                // Return all of our calculations formatted as a sextant output
                return string.Format("{0}o {1}'{2} - {3}o {4}'{5}'",
    Yeah i know, its confusing, but i am taking the chance one of yall are awsome at math
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