I'm following the VTM's for the C++ 2D game tutorial "Evil Monkeys". I have pretty much followed it to the letter and it has all been working correctly etc but my parameter intellisense does not work. I notice it specifically for this example when starting the fireball .cpp file. When Joel's cursor is inside the first bracket of the Fireball constructor implementation, his parameters popup correctly.


#include "fireball.h"


My parameters do not display. If I try to manually get my parameter intellisense with ctrl + shift + space I get an error: Intellisense: 'Could not find identifier'.

I created a very simple test program with a class containing public functions etc all in the one .cpp file. When I call the function from int main with dot notation the parameter intellisense DOES work. So any ideas why my parameter intellisense does not work this code from Evil Monkeys? I'm using Visual Studio Ultimate 2012.