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    Question newbie question about vertex color in udk.

    Hey everyone,

    I'm having some problems with my UDK.
    I'm working on a project which uses the UDK, everything is done from maya, the mesh is imported into fbx into UDK, then the additional material is blended using blend vertex color (on alpha channel).
    Sometime while i were working blending the material, i suddently realize that i haven't done the vertex color (in my work place we call it occlusion) in maya, so i do the vertex color in maya, then import back to UDK by "reload static mesh". I don't know why but the vertex color is not able to updated (in udk). The only to make this work is delete the mesh i'm having, import it back again, but in this way i'll lost all the vertex blending i was working on.
    The solution i tried is that i import another fresh mesh to copy the vertex color, but some how it also copy the vertex alpha, which also loose all my vertex blending.

    You don't need to read the detail above if you don't want to.

    Sooo... the question is: Is there anyway to copy only the vertex color, but not the vertex alpha? Because every time i hit "copy" button it copy both RGB vertex color and alpha vertex color.

    Please help if you can, any suggestion will be good. And since i'm a newbie so please give the instruction as detail as you can.

    Thank you very much.

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    For copying anything from 3d Maya software you will have to click Channel info button. For doing so you can refer this link to do so:

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