Is your MonoDevelop to white? Does it blind your eyes every time you open it? Well don't fret because I'm going to show you how to turn MonoDevelop's blinding white to an eye easing black (well dark).

Note: The file locations used are for the MonoDevelop that come with Unity. If you want to change a standalone MonoDevelop theme you need to use the files located in the systems frameworks folder. Unity-MonoDevelop comes with a bundled framework.

This is more of an in depth post that I found here:

First off download the zip file from the link above and extract the contents. The zip contains several different dark themes. The one I liked best is the Clearlooks_blackblue folder.

If you wish to download the theme directly from the creator please visit here:
Please note that the file here is a tar.gz and not a zip.

Go to:
MacOS X: Macintosh HD/Applications/Unity/"version #"/shared/themes
Windows XP: C:/Program Files/Unity/MonoDevelop/share/themes
Windows 7: C:/Program Files (x86)/Unity/MonoDevelop/share/themes
(To get inside a .app file right click and choose “Show Package Contents”)

copy/extract any theme you have downloaded to this directory (move the Clearlooks_blackblue folder inside the themes folder.)

Open MonoDevelop and go to:
MacOS X: Preferences - Preferences/Visual Style/General/User Interface Theme:
Windows: Tools/Options- Preferences/Visual Style/General/User Interface Theme:

Change the theme to Clearlooks_blackblue
Optionally go to Text Editor/Syntax Highlighting/Color scheme (you will see why latter)
IrBlack or Oblivion works decent
Quit MonoDevelop

Remove or rename the file called "gtkrc" located at:
MacOS X: Macintosh HD Applications/Unity/"version #"/ect/gtk-2.0
Windows XP: C:/Program Files/Unity/MonoDevelop/ect/gtk-2.0
Windows 7: C:/Program Files (x86)/Unity/MonoDevelop/ect/gtk-2.0
I just renamed it gtkrc_BACKUP.

Open MonoDevelop and check out your new theme!

MonoDevelop uses gtk themes, witch means just about any gtk2 theme will work! (You Linux users should know what I'm talking about) Download more at places like this: