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    Cool C# 101: Week 1 - Taking Notes

    Hey Everyone

    Since I'm a complete newbie to any programming language I thought it would be worthwhile to take some notes as I watched through the video, just to help reinforce stuff.

    I made my notes a little more succinct and comprehensible and put them in a PowerPoint and PDF, for those of you that didn't feel up to taking notes of your own or have difficulty doing so.

    Mine are by no means perfect but hey they're better than nothing.

    Also these notes only encompass the first half of the lecture. The introduction where we're being introduced to a whole bunch of terminologies.

    I'll make some more notes and try to compress them down if anyone thinks it would be useful to them. Just let me know if you would like me to.

    DISCLAIMER I am as new as anyone on this course could possibly be so don't expect the notes to be impeccable. I tried my best to make no mistakes but if any have been made please point them out to me so I can update it ASAP. If anyone does decide to download this I don't want to be giving misleading information.
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    Great work. Thank you for making these available.
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    Very nice. A year ago I tried somthing similar using Google Docs (Drive) with the hope that people would "crowd-note". It didn't really jump off, but I still think the idea is good, since you can collaborate on writing notes online/live.
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