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    Converting a Heightmap to a Mesh?

    Is it possible to convert a heightmap in to a mesh?

    I'm new to this hole heightmap thing so forgive me if this sounds....odd? to complicated or what is this guy thinking?

    I generated a terrain inside of L3DT and created something I thought was doable. I then exported the heightmap (RAW) and brought it into Unity. After some play tests, I found that parts of the map were way to steep. I tried playing with the Terrain Height, but I lost to much detail in some areas that I did not really want effected. I tried using the sculpting tool to lower the parts I wanted lower, however it just didn't look right.

    After staring at it I thought to myself, if this was a mesh I could just scale the parts that needed to be lower while still retaining detail in the rest.

    So I would like to import the heightmap into Maya (preferred) or Blender (still learning but doable), convert it into an editable polygon, make the necessity changes then export the changes into a new heightmap. Then bring it back into Unity for more play testing.

    Is this possible? Or are height maps only editable with a 2DImage editors (Photoshop) or sculpting tools such as the ones in Unity & L3DT.

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    Have a play with either:
    Texture to Geometry or Displacement to Polygons under the Modify>Convert... menu

    There is an exception to every rule, apart from this one.

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    Sorry for such a late reply but I thought I might post an update.

    I found a script (for Unity) that turns height maps to obj files. There is also a script that turns meshs back into height maps.

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