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    3D Workstation for sale

    I read in another thread somewhere here that it is ok to post my workstation for sale on the threads since there is no longer a for sale section. Please forgive me if not, I don't mean to break any rules and will remove it immediately if I'm out of line here.

    I am looking to get into a new workstation although my current workstation is a powerhouse! I just purchased a RenderPRO 32 core rendering server from BOXX technologies and am now looking to upgrade my workstation since I have the workflow that is requiring a bit more these days. I don't want to throw it on Ebay, and figured there are many people here that can have a great use from it. I have done many upgrades to the machine through my ownership, please see below:

    Here are the specs of my workstation:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    • upgraded around March, 2012. - 120GB SSD (which has proven to be PLENTY for all software installations such as Windows, Adobe Master collection, 3D Studio Max, Maya, Vray, Office, and a few computer games)

    • 2TB hard drive space (2x 1TB drives) which will be 0'd out and formatted before sold (obviously)

    • 16GB DDR2 RAM - upgraded from 8GB,
    • upgraded around January 2012 - Nvidia Quadro 4000 workstation graphics card ($750 when purchased)
    • Dual Quad Core Xeon processors running at 2.5GHz for a total of 8 physical processors. (20GHz total)

    This workstation is created a professional 3D workstation manufacturing company called BOXX Technologies and originally cost me $5300 with another $1300 in upgrades to it. Obviously I know I'm not going to be making my money back, but I want to find a happy medium that is fair to both the buyer and myself since I will be needing to purchase a new system.

    I have honestly never had any problems with the machine, EVER. Only parts replaced were parts for improvement. Bios is up to date and system has never overheated once. The tower is solid aluminum and the airflow is excellent with super low noise fans (except when you first turn it on, the fans go nuts until bios appears. manufacturer says it's to kick off any dust that might be sitting on the blades. Kinda freaked me out the first time I turned it on too! haha) I regularly open the case and clean out the inside from any dust with an air can, and there is a carbon air filter on the front of the case that I regularly remove and clean off to let the air flow through nicely. This computer is my pride and joy, and my sole money maker right now. Please contact me and we will talk price. I am open to hear anybody's offers.

    Here are the original specs and all of the information you will need to verify the purchase date, etc...

    Please see the above specs that I listed, as these are the newest specs after my upgrades.



    Rob Raio
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    Friendly suggestion, take the phone number off. Make first point of contact the email, PM or this thread.

    Good luck on the sale.


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    I have another suggestion: Wipe the software if you wanna sell a computer. Software/User-license agreements are bound to you and you don't have the rights to resale it.
    Read this or any of the other 100 articles found through google:

    I only bring it up, because somebody recently lost bigtime against Autodesk. Don't think you want to repeat that.
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    There will be no software installed on it. I was giving an example of what software I had installed on my 120GB Solid-State drive in case people would think it was too small of a main drive. There will be no software installed on it. I will see if i can edit the listing because it seems like I was unclear. Thanks!!


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    It's kind of old, how much are you looking to get from it? I personally think you might be better off scrapping the parts/selling separately or turning it into a render node in a render cluster.

    Note: I'm not looking to buy it.

    Also: Dual Quad Core Xeon processors running at 2.5GHz for a total of 8 physical processors. (20GHz total) This is incorrect, multi cores don't multiply speed. You're closer to 5GHz effective (2.5 per CPU, not core).
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    I installed, thanks

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    How old is it?
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