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    C# 101 Homework Assignments

    Checking into C# 101 because I'm starting it soon. Took a quick peak at "View Homework Assignment" and I get this:

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    Is it broken? I get that for all of the homework assignments. I would like to do them all for practice, which is why I brought it up here.

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    That series was started before the new website, back then the homework was posted in the member sponsor lounge rather than in a central repository as it is now.

    The homework is normally detailed at the end of the video, however here are the threads;
    Week4 - MISSING

    Can't seem to be able to find 4, there might be no official homework for it or similar, not sure.

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    Is there anyway I can get access to them without being a monthly membership sponsor? I purchased the 2D Art, C# Development and Unity: Complete package and was wondering if I can get the homework so that I can practice as well. Thank you!

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    hi..what the reason for me not being able to view those threads??are they deleted??jut wondering since started learning C# and feel like I'm lost..I'm paying $3000 for the course but the teacher teaches not much..most of the stuff have to do on my own..and I have no idea for what I'm paying those $3000..had to visit various sites like,,,, etc..well...all in all sucks..hope here I can come across something useful

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