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    New to UDK, Help!

    So here's the deal.
    I checked out UDK back when it came out and went through the amazing 3DBuzz tutorials from back then, so technically I'm not really new to UDK.
    The thing is I haven't touched it since I finished with those 3 years ago.
    I am planning on picking it up again to work on a game with a couple friends and my question is this:
    With all the updates to UDK are the 3DBuzz books still the best way to learn UDK in depth?
    If not what books would you suggest?
    Anything you would suggest getting in conjunction with the 2 Mastering Unreal Books? I know the third one was never published so maybe something that would cover what would've been in that book.
    As always, thanks for you help!

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    In that thread you will see my response (#2) and, below that, you will see the NATO's response (#8). NATO has been the assistant for that live class ( TA ).

    The current link for the live class is here and the one for the free video session is still valid in the above link.

    Hope it helps.

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