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    Error adding schema privileges to new DB user


    I'm using the latest version of MySQL for the MMO class.
    I downloaded and installed it today without a hitch but following along with Nelson's class from last week I get an error...

    In MySQL Workbench I create a new user, dev_runeslinger, and add a new entry in the schema privileges tab.
    After selecting the rights and hitting save the above error appears.
    A quick Google brought up tons of results relating to this error code but I've not found any for this specific situation.

    P.S. The default Engine which I chose for the users table is InnoDB in case it makes any difference.

    Any ideas anyone?
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    I posted this same question on StackOverflow and was informed that this is a known bug in the latest versions of MySQL Workbench.
    The bug report can be found here.

    Recent versions of Workbench, when dealing with database names containing underscores(_), incorrectly escape the underscore characters with a backslash so the result in my case was dev\_runeslinger being inserted into the generated SQL statement which is an error in syntax.

    I worked around the bug by recreating my database with the name runeslingerdb.

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    I was getting the same error but punted past it using global permissions for the sake of the class.
    I'll go back in this week and re-work the db name.
    Thanks for posting that, Dack.


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    You're welcome mate, glad someone found it useful

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