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    A Slice of Rural India - HDRs

    Ok, now that I am on a HDR shooting spree, here are some more from my latest trip to a remote village in India.

    I guess HDR processing is as vital a part of HDR photography as shooting the images themselves. I tried to take some more control this time over post-processing by using my own custom settings in Photoshop's HDR Pro as opposed to my earlier habit of relying on Photomatix's presets. Here are some images:

    Some of you who might have followed my previous attempts at HDR photography might critique on my progress so far :-)

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    There are some definite improvements! I really like your second last sun photo... although I really like many of the other ones as well. The colors really stand out a lot more and the idea of "HDR" shows through a lot better in these (meaning, the "fake" aspect of HDR).

    Great job!
    - Rik

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