My name is Vipar. I represent and coordinate a small group of people who wants to make video games.

Cutting right to the case, we need an UnrealScript Programmer for our game. It's very urgent, as we need to have a demo ready by March 1st. Just a Proof of Concept demo though. It will be shown in front of a large group of people, which could give us the promotion we need!

If you want to just help us with the demo, please state your price to me when you apply on a per-hour basis and we'll see if something can be sorted out. If you would like to stay on the team until the game is finished, you will be paid when the game is released.

Should you decide to work on a per-hour basis, you won't be paid until you are done and can submit a total amount of hours spend.
If you tell us you can do it in a certain amount of hours, you will only get paid for the hours you state, and will not receive anything over that amount should you use more time than what you specified.

Story Overview
The Team

We have a set of Criteria:
  • Be at Least 18 years old
  • Be Comfortable Signing a Contract
  • Be able to communicate over Skype
  • Be able to create an account at Assembla.com
  • Can Show Past Work
  • Have above Average English Skills

(If you apply on an hourly basis you won't have to include the following)

With your application please send the following:
  • Name
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Nationality
  • A little about yourself

Send your application to: dynamicrealities@gmail.com
Subject: RE: Programmer

Hope to hear from you very soon!