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    Lightbulb VTM - Searchable Video Script Tutorial Database

    I emailed 3dbuzz support about this subject a few years ago, and was wondering if anything became of it?

    Where being able to search the video content library for specific sections of video that contain terms and phrases in context to what a person wants to know about, would be a very cool feature.
    While the search results would be listed by video with time indexes, listing - terms used and related context's.

    I'm sure you guys(video tutors) could train a voice recognition system to develop the video script database without too many errors - especially after the system has been properly trained for the voices of the respective tutors in the videos.

    LikeMikes aka 1DVD
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    Well that's certainly disappointing! 25 views in 5 days and not one vote or comment! :|

    Honestly!, I was lead to believe 3dbuzz was an open minded community? Willing to try new things! Guess not?

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    Initially I didn't felt like I should leave a comment behind, but you clearly are a bit disappointed about lack of feedback.

    I personally don't care about the functionality you are proposing. I feel like after VTM's or specific series I leave with a overall knowledge and understanding. Now if I face a problem I already know what to Google for, I know what might be a possible solution. I don't think there is any significant advantage having this system implemented over all Google.

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    I can easily see your point!

    I just figured since they're currently in the process of updating the site - why not suggest an improvement that could cut down the amount of time it takes to find what you need when you need it.

    Although, with a database like that you could essentially find what your looking for without resorting to using google or other search engine that would then take you to youtube or some other site - that may or may not address your specific problem.

    While using a site like 3dbuzz, you can pretty much count on getting accurate answers - since it is geared toward most all aspects of content creation, along with alternate avenues for getting the job/project completed.

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