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Thread: Another HDR

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    Another HDR

    Recently, I was at the beautiful city of Udaipur (India) and managed to take some pictures of its numerous forts and palaces. Here's an HDR from one of them. Personally I think the post-processing may be a bit over the top 9but hey, its only my second or maybe the third attempt to capture an HDR, and I kinda suck at post processing as of now). Any critiques are welcome and some suggestions on post--processing. I used Photomatix for quick results.


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    The picture is gorgeous. I just started taking HDR and I'm blown away by this being only your third I think you have a really good eye for doing this. Great job, and I look forward to seeing more of your work.
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    Nice photo! I do agree the post was a bit over done but I`d say you`re not too far off. Tone the post a bit back from what you did and I think it would help enhance it a lot.

    Than again, I personally haven`t done much with HDR yet, so... my $0.02 (or in Canada, I`ll have to round up to $0.05 because we got rid of the penny officially yesterday (February 4, 2013).
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    That is a very pretty photo! I love how clear you can see through the window. Keep on taking HDR pictures, you're doing really well with them!
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    it turned out as a picture, draw a pencil!))

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