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    Progress – week 6

    OK, I haven't updated in a while, and there are not a lot of visible changes. I've used most of the time to restructure and integrate everything, Once I began refactoring, everything fell apart, and I had to rebuild a lot.

    New features:
    - Persistence between scenes. A GameManager singleton keeps track of references and player stats. The NGUI UI panel also persists, but is invisible without any children (which are destroyed). Other objects are made temporary persistent by adding them to a GameManager list.
    - Player exp is affected by combat results, but there is currently no leveling.
    - The game runs in a Finite State Machine. This separates the game logic and objects for combat, town, field, menus etc. A separate scene is usually associated with different states.
    - Combat runs in a separate sub FSM.
    - An auto-fade class fades scenes automatically during state transitions. I will probably customize this for some different camera effects during combat encounters.

    Try it out!
    Use the right mouse button for camera movement, and move around with WASD. Press E to interact with the capsule and cube. The first will prompt a dialog, while the second initiates combat (encounters will be random later). There is not much else to do, and all the objects are temporary.

    Week 6 - Demo
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