I've been looking for tuts that cover what I'm trying to accomplish, but either I don't know what my question is, or it's just not done how I want to do it...

Either way, here's my issue:

I'm trying to reproduce the curved nose section of an aircraft. I have blueprints which give me the section's horizontal and vertical profiles (asymmetrical in both/between both planes), as well as the cross section where the nose joins the fuselage... Given that the nose section's profile varies, I had the idea of creating four nurbs curves that match the profiles (five, duplicating the first curve as the last) and skinning across them. Doing that, I can create the shape of the nose surface easily enough, but, of course, it's linear between the profiles.

In my mind, what I need to do is take my nurbs profiles, join them to the fuselage cross-section at the appropriate points (12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock), then skin the profiles, but use the fuselage cross-section as a path for the skin to follow between them.

Alternately, if I take my profiles and join them to the fuselage cross-section first, could I extrude the fuselage cross-section along all four profiles simultaneously to trace the surface of the nose?