Hi there, my name is John and I have been checking out the C++ learning section for the last couple of days.
Today I am working on C++ classes. But while trying to comprehend what is being taught by playing with it myself, I stumbled upon some weird situation.

I created the class "Point" as shown in the video. Inside the class Point I defined 2 constructors.

class Point{
        Point(float x = 0.0, float y = 1.0, float z = 0.0);
        float x, y, z;

I did initiate both constructors above the 'main' function:

Point::Point(float x, float y, float z)
    cout << "We're in the constructor with arguments." << endl;

    cout << "This is the default constructor." << endl;
main function

int main()
    Point myLocation(0,0,0);
    Point coffee();
    return 0;
Compiling goes without any error, but whenever I run the program it only shows the constructor cout with arguments.
It somehow completely ignores the default constructor output.

Any idea on what might be going wrong?
I am using Codeblocks latest version.

Also, the compiler does not let me change the data-type of main to void. It must remain int.

Thanks in advance,